A Letter’s Worth a Thousand Words

Awaiting a letter written in Oriya***

***I want to take a moment and let you in on a priceless piece of my everyday. I have had the unique opportunity to take up a sponsorship of a little girl on the other side of the world. This little girl is Pinki, and she is my daughter in Christ. Everyday I wonder, “When will her next letter arrive? Will I get to hear about her school and hobbies? What amazing things is she doing now?” It is incredible.

I did receive a letter a few weeks ago, but it was not from Pinki. Instead, her pastor sent me a letter saying how things in her community are working out. Little did I know, her village is just beginning to open up sponsorship; and my little girl is one of the first to be able to attend school, receive daily meals, be protected from malaria and other deadly diseases, and learn about God in an environment that is safe and healthy for her young, beautiful soul. I was overjoyed.

I have already corresponded with my little girl, and we even celebrated her birthday in two places at once last month. She does not know English yet, but she is already learning and flourishing in school. She hopes to become a nurse someday, and because of the ways the Lord works, she will be able to do that in her years to come. She has shared her dreams and aspirations with me and calls me as a mother.

I share all this because it is a matter that brings so much joy. However, it is only possible because Compassion International and organizations like it work day in and day out to provide, pray, and care for these children. It is a place that has blessed millions of children, families, and sponsors worldwide; and it is a gift that keeps on giving. For only a dollar a day, people are able to directly fund and support their children with all of the things I have mentioned before and more! If ever you wondered what a relationship of such scale could mean for you, maybe it is time to lay aside that dollar and take up a sponsorship. It is said in Psalms 139 that God perceives our thoughts from afar, and with that in mind, I believe that Pinki and I are close together in the palm of his hands. The other side of the world is not that far in comparison to eternity, and I hope that this touches your heart, as it is just beginning to take root in mine.